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Aerial view at famous european travel destination in Croatia, Dubrovnik old town. _ Select


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Zagreb Old Town And Cathedral in Background. Sightseeing Place in Croatia. Beautiful Sunse


Zagreb is the capital and the largest city in Croatia. As many capitals Zagreb has a powerful historical story and a vibrant cultural scene. One of the main attractions in Zagreb is the historic Upper Town. Visitors can also stroll through the charming narrow streets of the old town, exploring the history. Tkalčićeva Street is a hub of activity, with numerous outdoor cafes, bars and restaurants lining the street. The most famous landmark on Tkalčićeva Street is the Zagreb Funicular which connects the street with the historic Upper Town.

Beautiful Rovinj at sunrise. Aerial photo. The old town of Rovinj, Istria, Croatia..jpg


Istria is a beautiful region located in the northwest of Croatia. When you think of Istria picture stunning landscapes and unique cultural heritage with pleasant Mediterranean climate, charming coastal towns, picturesque countryside and delicious local cuisine. Istria is the perfect destination for tourists looking to explore a unique part of Croatia.

Aerial view of the Old Town of Zadar, Croatia. Aerial shot of Zadar old town, famous touri


Dalmatia is by the definition Mediterranean region located in the south of Croatia, known for its beautiful beaches, crystal-clear sea but also rich cultural heritage. One of the main attractions in Dalmatia is its stunning coastline, which is dotted with numerous beautiful beaches and coves. Some of the most popular beaches in Dalmatia include the famous Zlatni Rat beach in Bol on the island of Brač, the pebble beaches of Makarska, Tučepi and Brela.

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Slavonia is a region located in the eastern part of Croatia. It is known for its natural landscapes and delicious local cuisine. Osijek is the largest city in Slavonia and is known for the beautiful Tvrđa fortress. To really discover the natural beauty of Slavonia one must visit Kopački Rit Nature Park. Kopački Rit is one of the largest wetlands in Europe and is home to a diverse range of flora and fauna. Visitors can see a wide range of birds inhabited there. 

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